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Leadership Development

Developing leadership skills is essential for survival.

To be a strong leader requires both strong management skills as well as strong transformational skills.

Strong Management Skills can be developed through classic training. This includes such skills as:

  • Accomplishing the everyday basic administrative tasks.
  • Making sure employees have the knowledge, skills and resources to be successful.
  • Balancing rewards with performance.
  • Clearly defining performance expectations.
“Dr. Carson is passionate and enthusiastic in facilitating Action Learning. She has the unique ability to help teams break down barriers to achieve better business results for their organizations. She is one of few who have accomplished excellence in this field.”
Dr. Debra Gmelin
Corporate Director
The Leadership Institute
Humana Inc.

The transformational skills require a more in-depth approach to develop. These skills include:

  • Listening skills.
  • Communication skills.
  • Being credible.
  • Keeping commitments.
  • Keeping words and actions consistent.
  • Demonstrating respect and concern for others.
  • Valuing diversity.
  • Empowering followers as partners.
  • Learning from experience.
  • Being self-assured.
  • Defining the future (visionary).
  • Developing shared values and beliefs.

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