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Action Learning

Action Learning is a dynamic process for solving-problem, building teams, and developing leaders.

The power of Action Learning goes far beyond the problem solving benefits that it affords. It teaches strong teams to process more efficiently, stagnated teams to revolutionize, floundering teams to swim, anxious teams to calmly find solutions, and dysfunctional teams how to function.

"If you're interested in action learning, Bea Carson is a top-of-the-line trainer and educator."
Robert Kramer, PhD.
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American University

A key component of the Action Learning process is that it forces the group to fully understand the problem before moving towards defining solutions; this dissection can either lead to realizing that the problem presented is merely a symptom, or that the problem presented is multiple problems.

Not only does it teach participants these skills in the Action Learning environment, but it teaches these skills so participants change their daily interactions with one another. It changes communication tactics from making statements to asking questions. This shift in interacting changes communications from talking at each other to listening, comprehending, and caring what the other person has to say. It forces individuals to listen to each other; significantly increasing the comprehension experienced during the discussion.

The Action Learning Coach takes the power of coaching to the group level, but is even more powerful because Action Learning groups only work on real problems requiring real solutions. The Action Learning Coach not only establishes the rapport with the group members but also builds the rapport between group members.

The Action Learning process on the surface appears fairly simple, but in truth is extremely powerful.

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Action Learning
R esults solve immediate problems.
E nergized out of the box solutions.
S ystem focuses on the how and why of problem solving.
U nderlying issues aired and resolved.
L eaders build skills through conscious action and reflection.
T eams develop norms to focus on common goals.
S trategy maps offer financia, customer, internal, learning and growth perspectives.

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